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[content_half][person name=”Very Comfortable” picture=”×185.jpg” title=”K. Sterling” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” google=””]Surprisingly it’s a very comfortable mattress. I bought it for my husband’s truck while he was on the road, so mattress was sitting at home for a while. I decided to try it out and I just about fell asleep on it. He loves it now. It was a good purchase for sure.

Purchased American Road Dream Truck Mattress[/person]5 Star Rating[/content_half] [content_half id=”last”][person name=”Excellent quality mattress” picture=”×185.jpg” title=”Kabby” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” google=””]Very comfortable! Does not bounce around at all, can actually sleep soundly while someone drives. Great quality memory foam forms to body. After sleeping on this mattress I no longer am stiff or have back pain! much better than a spring mattress. FYI -This mattress comes in a big box which weighs about 35lbs

Purchased Road Elite 74″ x 30″ x 6″ Truck Mattress[/person]5 Star Rating[/content_half] [content_half][person name=”High Quality” picture=”” title=”M.Nolin” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” google=””]Very comfortable and high quality, this mattress fits perfectly in my vintage 1969 Shasta Loflyte camper, which we restored to use as a fun extra space and guest cottage in our back yard. I did my research, and this price and shipping was fantastic, and even without Prime, was as advertised.

Purchased Road Premier 74″ x 36″ x 8″ Truck Mattress[/person]5 Star Rating[/content_half] [content_half id=”last”][person name=”Five Stars!” picture=”” title=”S. Payne” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” dribbble=”” google=””]Super comfortable.

Purchased Road Premier 80″ x 32″ x 8″ Truck Mattress[/person]5 Star Rating[/content_half]

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